How to sell ebooks with Gumroad

Gumroad is a simple but powerful e-commerce platform that lets you sell digital services. These can be books, courses, memberships, or heyzine flipbooks!

Add flipbooks to Moodle

Uploading learning content as plain PDFs doesn't provide the modern aspect and lacks the interactions needed to create a great learning experience. You can solve this by adding heyzine flipbooks to your Moodle courses, converting boring textbooks to engaging experiences.

Add a flipbook to Sharepoint

Internal communication, on-boarding processes, know-how docs, and any other company documentation can also benefit from the interactivity heyzine flipbooks provide. Through this guide, we will see how to add a flipbook to a Sharepoint site.

Add a flipbook to a Wix website

With almost every web builder you can add heyzine flipbooks, Wix is not different, and through this short guide, we are going how fast and easy it is.