When we start to have a large number of flipbooks on the account, we soon find the need to organize them to have more control over what is online at any given moment and to find them fast. In this guide, we will see how to easily categorize flipbooks with tags.

First, we have to assign tags to the flipbooks from the dashboard, flipbook settings. It's possible to select an existing tag or create a new one by typing the name and pressing enter.

flipbook tags

It's also possible to assign as many tags as we want if a flipbook belongs to different categories.

Now on the dashboard, it is as simple as filtering by one of the existing tags.

filter by tag

With the list view, we can see the different tags assigned to each flipbook and sort them with the controls in the upper-left corner. Using the search box on, we can find flipbooks by title, subtitle, description, or private note.

list view and sort

To edit the tag, we can use the three dots next to the tag label in the filter menu. It's possible to remove it from all the flipbooks or nest it as a subcategory of another tag.

edit tags