Social networks are a great way to interact with your audience, and you can of course share your flipbooks too. With heyzine, you can even customize how they will look when you post them.

As usual, the first thing is to choose the flipbook we are going to share from the dashboard, click it and select Share.

share flipbook

On most social networks, sharing a flipbook is as easy as copying and pasting the reader link. Without doing anything else, the post will show up with the cover of the flipbook, the title, and the description.

share flipbook link

But most of the time, we will want to choose a text and thumbnail for social networks only, and we can do that on the Social tab.

choose social network title, description, and thumbnail

After that, again we can simply copy and paste the flipbook link, or we can use the buttons on the right to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or the most popular social networks.

But before taking the step, we might want to make sure it will look exactly the way we want.

For Facebook, we can use the Share debugger, pasting the link and clicking the "fetch new information" button.

facebook share debugger

If for some reason, we have to change the text or the picture when we already shared it, we can use the Scrape again button, and Facebook will update it, so everyone will see the change.

For Twitter, there is a similar tool called Card validator:

twitter card validator

For LinkedIn, the post inspector is the tool we are looking for.

linkedin post inspector

That's it! you can start sharing your flipbook on social networks being sure it will look exactly the way you want.