Disable google indexing

Sometimes, you want your flipbooks public, but at the same time, prevent Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines from crawling and indexing your flipbooks on their sites. We will see here how to do it.

Flipbook visitor statistics

Visitor statistics are a vital metric for measuring success and understanding your audience. However, it's simply impossible to get data when it comes to PDF documents, files, or other basic online services. With the Heyzine Professional Plan, it can't be easier to understand your reader's behavior.

Create a lead generation form

Capturing lead forms can help you get information from your audience to improve your publications or keep your readers updated. Creating a lead generation form in a PDF is not possible, but you can do it with a heyzine flipbook, and we will show you how through this guide

Set up the Google Analytics integration

With Heyzine's Professional Plan, you can get a huge amount of insights about the visits to your flipbooks by integrating Google Analytics. We will see how easy it is to set up through this short guide.