With Heyzine's Professional Plan, you can get a huge amount of insights about the visits to your flipbooks by integrating Google Analytics. We will see how easy it is to set it up through this short guide.

The first step is to register a Google Analytics account here; it's free.

During the configuration, you can set the website address to "heyzine.com" (if you don't have a website). Then get the tracking code from the "Tracking info" option, "Tracking code":

copy google analytics tracking code

And paste it on the scripts section of the heyzine account page:

heyzine scripts settings

The Google Analytics dashboard will start getting data after around 24 hours. And when you open it, you will see the visits in real-time, the visits and visitors per hour, time of the day, countries, etc.

google analytics dashboard

To learn more about Google Analytics, this is a good guide for beginners.